The 5 Pillars of Innovation

The 5 Pillars of Innovation

In my experience, ideas don’t seem to be the problem when a business is wanting to innovate. Mostly in organisations there is an abundance of ideas, but how do you structure them? How do you narrow them down? How do you know whether you’ve looked in the right places for the right ideas?

In short, there are 5 pillars on which to build a meaningful and strategic innovation plan…

Pillar 1: Can we mainstream something that’s happening at the periphery? (think beard care, kombucha, maca)

Pillar 2: Can we raise the bar on luxury/decadence? (think ice cream, coffee, cars, clothing)

Pillar 3: Can we make life easier/solve a problem better? (think flexi top pies, pop top toothpaste)

Pillar 4: Can we strip it down and simplify the category? (think Ikea)

Pillar 5: Can we change the rules? (think Uber, GoGet, superfoods)

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